✔ I am a happy person! :))
I love music. I also love writing. I'm enjoying my work now which is teaching. :) At last!
This blog will speak of me. My thoughts, feelings, dreams, and ideas/opinions will be part of this blog. I blog and reblog. :)

Sheena Gwendolyn Valdez. 20. Tarlac City.

(Saint Loius University. Baguio City.)

"I believe because I still don't know."


Macaron III, in progress

He is <3

46/100 pictures of theo james

So in love with his character <3

Theo James at ‘Divergent’ Press Conference in Beverly Hills (3/08/2014)

So in love with him!!!


「アイマスログ」/「越智」の漫画 [pixiv]

I really love flowers. :)

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Hey Look at me! Did I achieve the Barbie look? LOL


Studies suggest that we are happier spending money on others than ourselves, because giving promotes a positive view on self. It also builds our bond with others and the community. Here’s a source. From the source, what I found interesting is that it reports that people expect to be happier spending money on themselves. Ironically, the final results prove otherwise. I guess this makes sense though since we do need at least some money to live, but once we have enough to give, we will be happier. 

What are your thoughts about this?