✔ I am a happy person! :))
I love music. I also love writing poems, songs, and stories.
This blog will speak of me. My thoughts, feelings, dreams, and ideas/opinions will be part of this blog. I blog and reblog. :)

Sheena Gwendolyn Valdez. 19. Saint Loius University. Baguio City.

"I believe because I still don't know."


Love. john. Green on We Heart It.


Ansel Elgort

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Amazing Food Art by Lauren Purnell

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butterfly riding lizard


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Progress is progress no matter how small. Sometimes progress is your efforts not your results.
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"Wordlessly, they endure the elements. Wordlessly, they bloom. Wordlessly, they corrupt.”

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that some there be too numb to notice, oh god,
why give if thou must take away the loved?

castiel graphics challenge 
nestingchesters vs. endcastiel
prompt: a shade upon the mind there passes by emily dickinson

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